With over 4 years in the translation and localization business, Latham Sprinkle Translation and Editing offers high-quality Japanese/English translation services, general proofreading, editing, and document review. Does your company need documents translated? Are you a non-native English speaker who wants a second pair of eyes to proofread your work? Do you want Japanese articles or personal documents translated? Then Latham Sprinkle has you covered.

Business Translations

With the rise of globalization, businesses of all sizes and all sectors interact on a global scale. Even as AI technology advances, machine translation cannot pick up on nuances and complexities of languages, often obscuring the meaning. While Google Translate and other platforms can be useful to understand the gist of a text, it is often inadequate for a business to function and fails to convey the cultural nuances.

Latham Sprinkle has a wide range of industry experience including manufacturing, publishing, education, business services, e-commerce, and medical devices. Previously translated documents include:

  • Press releases
  • Contracts
  • Inter-office emails
  • Financial documents
  • Surveys
  • Product descriptions
  • User manuals
  • Guidelines
Academic Translation

English has a powerful hegemony not only in business, but also in academia. Even Japanese journals often require an English abstract and to be known on a global scale, a publication often needs to be accessible to English-speakers. However, despite the strangle-hold of English on academia, not all articles and publications are translated into English. There are many well-known scholars in the humanities and sciences whose publications are only in Japanese.

Latham Sprinkle offers both translation and research services, specializing in the humanities, but also with experience in medical and technical translations. In addition to translating journal articles or modern primary sources, Latham Sprinkle provides research services to determine how relevant a text is to the research topic.

Document Review

Whether a translated document or one written directly into the language, having a second pair of eyes to ensure quality makes a huge difference. When typing up a document it’s easy to overlook spelling and grammatical errors. Missing text in a translation can be the difference between glowing reviews and slashed payment. Awkward phrasing can hamper the argument of a thesis or turn away potential clients.

Latham Sprinkle provides checking services for Japanese/English translations, proofreading and editing for English documents, and document review for any language pair.

For more information, please contact me at lathamsprinkle@lstranslate.com or fill out the following form about your project.

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